Translation from Norwegian to English means Coastal Administration.

There has been a longtime project planning in northern Norway by the Norwegian Kystverket for the building of a first of it’s kind passage (tunnel) because the confluence of two seas off the northern coast of Norway is turbulent and highly dangerous. They have plans for what is called the Stad Ship Tunnel as soon as 2022 construction year.

First announced in 2017 and finally approved, the cost is estimated to be 3.45 billion NOK (converted to USD is about USD330 million as of today 19MAR2021)

The plan is to go east west 1700 meters (just over 1 mile) across the Stad Penninsula.

Tunnel planned at location of the Blue Pin Drop above

It is not necessarily planned to shave off miles, simply finding a safe passage for ferries, cruise lines and cargo vessels that transport in the area. Private passenger vessels will be able to use in coordination with coastal authority protocol. They claim to foresee up to 5 vessels per hour in the tunnel spaced 400 meters apart. Researching this article did not offer if there would be fees for the transit.

Size restraints will be in place as the height and width is finite at 49 meters tall (160 feet  ) and 36 meters wide (118 feet).

Current plan is to complete by 2026.

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