When outside events disrupt your supply chain

Recent events happening worldwide are adjusting freight movements.

Paying attention to such news and planning for disruptions with contingent options is good business!

  • Politics and Civil Unrest – As of the date of this article 15JUL2021,
    • Cuba citizens are attempting to remove the current regime over restrictions of human rights, food and medicine scarcity
      • Miami Florida had sympathy protests in support of Cuba residents
    • Durban South Africa riots protesting the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma
      • Maersk Announces disruptions at Durban Port and local area due to shortages of workers
    • Haiti assassination of President Jovenel Mo├»se
    • Covid 19 lockdown protests in major urban areas around the world; Paris, Melbourne, Lebanon, Athens, Colombia and more
  • Severe Weather
    • Fires in British Colombia disrupt Rail movement for CP and CN Rail Roads
    • Flooding in Europe Netherlands to Germany
    • Heavy Rains and flooding in China
    • Severe Heat in USA West creating severe drought and power grid strain
  • Construction
    • BNSF St Paul, MN has 6 week utility construction that has disrupted space at the intermodal yards
    • CP Rail repair in British Colombia from fire damage
  • Equipment Shortages
    • Drayage Chassis remain and issue with shortages at almost every port
      • BCO (business cargo owners) hold onto containers at their factory or warehouse because they are at capacity. Meaning the empty is not entered into the container pool for exports stuffing at the next shipper. The chassis it sits on is not available.
  • Pandemic Effects
    • Workers at every stage of the supply chain are susceptible to delays when disease or pandemic forces closure of facilities.
  • Holidays
    • Shipping to a foreign country requires advance glance at the calendar of the receiving country. Arriving and/or departing freight has time limits for availability to prevent detention and/or demurage. For instance, China New Year is a big holiday as it is comprised of two back to back celebrations that can halt export factory operations for up to 14 days.