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Great news regarding the ocean container shortage

Triton International is a curious service that the whole shipping world is waiting on to fix the shortage of containers and fix the congestion plaguing international movement of cargo by ocean.

Why would I make such a statement?

29APR2021 Triton held a conference call for investors spelling out a huge order for containers that claims to be ready by July of 2021. Yay!  They have ordered $2.6 billion of containers…or a count of 890,000 TEUs.  https://www.tritoninternational.com/sites/triton-corp/files/Presentations/investor-presentation-may-2021.pdf

Triton leases containers to carriers with a market share near 35% of all leases.  They are a big player in this space and this purchase will surely help worldwide.

According to their press release, they have a utilization rate of leased containers at nearly 100% and many long-term leases in the works.

This makes for a well run company that has taken on a task that many will appreciate.

While July delivery will help the issue of worldwide shortage, it may take a little time for distribution. I am going with a half full attitude.

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